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coming_soonWe care about our community, and we’re concerned about the direction it’s heading in. Excessive drinking, texting while driving, a lack of flossing – we’ve done it all.

Uh, seen it all. That’s what we mean. We’ve seen it all.

At any rate, we’re concerned. And there is no night with more potential for hell-raising than Halloween. Sure, you could run wild, egging and toilet papering with abandon, or you could let Renegade keep you on the path of morality.

Announcing: The First Annual Renegade Halloween Carnival!

At 10:30 pm on October 30th, come down to the Teatro Zuccone to celebrate the closing of “Reefer Madness” and enjoy some good, clean fun. You can dance the night away, bob for apples, try your luck at our cake walk and take a sobering stroll through our very own hell house, where you’ll learn the dangers of your evil, evil ways. Put it this way: You’ll never hide your vegetables in your mashed potatoes again.

Oh, and you’d better be wearing a costume. Seriously. Don’t mess with us on that one.

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