The Renegade Blind Tiger

New Year's Night of Comedy
Season Kick-off & Silent Auction
1st Annual New Works Festival
Halloween Dance Party


Fezziwig's Feast
Renegade Halloween Carnival
26-Hour Improv Marathon
Renegade Theater Grand Re-Opening


coming_soonOur stomachs have finally completed digesting the dozens of dishes offered at the second annual Rene’Giving, so it’s time again to reflect on a great year with great people.

Here’s some things we’re thankful for this year:

  1. The amazing, dedicated and talented members of the Renegade family who weren’t able to come and stuff their faces. We missed you.
  2. Stage blood and various means of spilling it.
  3. Body mics and 3M Transpore tape.
  4. Little Caesar's Pizza.
  5. The foundations and people who supported us all year, especially ARAC, the DSACF and the wonderful, amazing A.H. Zeppa Family Foundation.
  6. The staff of the Zeitgeist Arts Building and Teatro Zuccone for giving us not only a spot to host our potluck, but a place to call home.
  7. That part in musicals where the whole cast marches downstage and sings right in the audience's face.
  8. Half-load stage blank ammunition.
  9. The fact that we can kill people, curse like sailors and get naked on our little stage and the audiences not only keep coming, but they all but demand we keep doing it.
  10. The following photos.

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