Dink Tank: Return of the Dinks (2011)
Dink Tank @ The Movies (2011)
A Very Merry Dink Tank (2009)
After School Special (2009)
A Special Holiday Special (2008)
Lowbrow Sketch Comedy (2008)
Dink Tank TV
Sample Sketches
coming_soonDink Tank is the Northland's only resident sketch comedy team.  This group of local artists meet regularly in a cramped, sweaty room and aren't allowed to use the bathroom until they've written something funny.  The writers then pair with some of the area's finest comedic performers to present smart, edgy sketch comedy that skewers politics and pop culture while creating memorable recurring characters and hysterical observational comedy that runs the gamut from the crass and crude to the subversive and sarcastic.  Owing huge debts to groups like The Kids In The Hall, Upright Citizen's Brigade, and Saturday Night Live, Dink Tank creates uproarious sketch comedy that is bold, bright, and a little bit bawdy. Shows contain extremely adult situations and language.

September 11-12, 18-19 & 25-26
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