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As a public service to all the Dink Tank fans out there that see our shows and ask, “I wonder how different that sketch was when it was first written, compared to the version I just saw on stage,” we proudly present a few first draft to final draft sketch comparisons.

And for those of you saying, “Nobody wonders that. Nobody cares that much,” we say …  stop trying to hurt our feelings.

By the way, all material is copyright of Dink Tank and Renegade Theater Company.

Super Christ Christmas
First Draft (download .pdf)
Final Draft (download .pdf)

Prank Caller
First Draft (download .pdf)
Final Draft (download .pdf)

And, just because we like showing off, here’s a couple other script links. This one is from a show we did for the Progressive Round Table in July of 2009. They asked us to keep the show clean. And if you’ve ever been to one of our shows you realize the challenge that presented. So, here’s a sketch of ours in its original vulgar form, and the cleaned-up version we performed at the Round Table.

Brain F*%ker (download .pdf)
Brain Melter (download .pdf)

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