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Favorite Games: 185, Beasties, Rant, Moving Bodies.

Least Favorite Games:

Do The Points Matter?: Not anymore. I'm pretty sure The Points disbanded.


Amber is a young but effective vigilante, trained by her father from an early age to be a costumed superhero and assassin. She has been trained to take a bullet, fight hand-to-hand, fight with both blunt and bladed weapons, and she has been taught all about guns.The nature of Amber's training has made her particularly brutal and remorseless in combat. She may be small but she's not a force to be reckoned with.  

Favorite Games: Playground Insults, Slideshow, & Ballet.

Least Favorite Games:
Oscar Scene and 185.

Do The Points Matter?: Yes. Sometimes. Maybe. No.

1. As a child Bryan frequently stood much too close to the microwave while cooking Hot Pockets.
2. He weighs as much as 4,103,682 Ladybugs (4,103,683 if he's bloated)
3. He knows all 24 letters of the alphabet.
4. Cats are eerily attracted to him.
5. He has exactly 15.345 pounds of body hair at all times.
6. If he falls in the woods, everyone can hear it.
8. He always wears a leotard under his clothes just in case of an emergency dance battle.
9. During a full moon he lactates.
10. He doesn't believe in the number seven.

Favorite Games: Complaint Department, Oscar Scene, World's Worst.

Least Favorite Games:
185, Story, Doo Run Run.

Do The Points Matter?: Can I trade them for beer? If so then yes!
Jordan is returning to the stage after a prolonged stay in Sherwood Forest as the modern day Robin Hood. Unfortunately, he was forcibly removed by Little John after consuming too much mead and then holding up his band of Merry Men at arrow point. When asked why he did it, Jordan simply replied, "Costner." He now draws comfort shoveling snow, grooming cats and avoiding British accents.

Favorite Games: Beasties, Dating Game, Entrances & Exits, Playground Insults.

Least Favorite Games:
Rant and 185.

Do The Points Matter?: Almost always. Except when they don't.
The hardcore gamer of the group, Scott has KO’d Mike Tyson, saved the Princess, and farmed Nefarian (back when Nef was BA). He joined Renegade Improv in October 2009 and has since run the tech full time – which means he makes inappropriate comments and tries to make lighting cues as funny as possible. He is a recent graduate of the Jody Kujawa School of Wine Tasting, Small Engine Repair, and Improv Comedy. He failed the first two sections.

Favorite Games: Forward/Reverse, Playground Insults, World's Worst.

Least Favorite Game: Styles Replay, 185.

Do The Points Matter?: Yes, but only if we get really silly with them. Like giving 5 points per answer to help a team catch up.
Evan was the type of kid who climbed into sewers in hopes of finding the ninja turtles. His family stopped going to church after Evan ruined the Christmas program when he was 6. Evan has been doing improv with Renegade since we had to beg people to watch us perform above Hell's Kitchen in Canal Park. His style is a cross between a Velociraptor and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Evan has a variety of characters in his repertoire, but unfortunately, most of them have no business being on a stage.

Favorite Games: Moving Bodies, Playground Insults, Slogans.

Least Favorite Games: Oxygen Deprivation, Good, Bad, Worst Advice.

Do The Points Matter?: Yes. I've been keeping a running tally for 2 years. I'm losing, and I'm bitter.
Jody Kujawa has an unfair advantage over the rest of society. While they have to conform to the trappings of physics, he comes barreling around corners bending light and changing the physical properties of solid matter. There is currently a Broadway musical in the works based upon his travels and studies with the Dalai Lama. It is titled The Unbearable Insanity Of Being Awesome. He has recently won a Pulitzer Prize for creating a new vowel. While being a fan of Della Reese, he finds the television show Touched By An Angel to be a bit too preachy for it's own good.

Favorite Game: Rant.

Least Favorite Games: 185, Entrances and Exits.

Do the points matter?: If the points get me laid, then yes.

Robert is a very serious and mature Grown Up! If you don't believe that then he thinks you're a real doodoo head. He is also really smart and interesting, so much so that when he talks people often fall asleep. Then when they fall asleep they have intense dreams where their deepest desires and fantasies come to life and wrap around them sensuously like a warm, moist blanket until they digress into thumb sucking fetuses. But when they awake they find Robert with his arm around them and a knowing nod is all that is needed to complete the bond.

Favorite Game: The sexy ones.

Least Favorite Games: The clothed ones.

Do the points matter?: We keep points?


Jonathan Manchester has been on the run for several years now and moved to Duluth to keep a low profile. All of his travels are due to a game of Hide-&-Go-Seek never properly called off. You do not know him. You have not seen him. Please, take the time to speak his name out loud once now:  (Pause) Go ahead, it will feel good. (Pause) Thank you, now never say that again.

Favorite Game: Playground Insults, Blind Line, Beasties.

Least Favorite Games: Hide-&-Go-Seek.

Do the points matter?: Not if I lose.

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