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"Nothing exorcises a demon faster than a good ol' fashioned molesting."
- Andy Bennett
  "So, I think I'm burgling turds from the Vatican with Cookie Monster?"
- Cory Anderson
talk_bubble_left "Once I saved Kennedy in the past, but it didn't take because I stepped on a butterfly"
- Jody Kujawa
  "Nothing turns me on like when you walk in front of me and take a big dump."
- Katy Helbacka
talk_bubble_left "Back in my day we didn't have ski instructors. And it didn't matter because all the hills were up hill."
- Evan Kelly
  "Tweet, tweet, tweet. Let's go on a picnic. Vagisil."
- Jordan Curtis


"I'll be the top AND the bottom."
- Andy Bennett
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Teatro Zuccone: 222 East Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802
Artistic Director: Katy Helbacka
Box Office: (218) 336-1414
Info: (218) 336-1417

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